DHG’s Shoring Design Expertise Helps Colorado School of Mines Expand Campus

By David H. Glabe, P.E. / December 16, 2015

 The construction of the Elm Street Residence and Dining Hall at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, presented some challenges. The project consisted of three multi-story buildings with two towers connected by one concrete-slab main floor and walkway. Due to its size, the first floor would be poured in sections; the towers could be poured separately, alternating from one tower to the other as each floor was added.

Kiewit Building Group, the construction firm managing the job, planned to use the Peri Safe Deck shoring system. They hired DH Glabe & Associates to provide reshoring design utilizing the Peri system. They also utilized DHG to provide structural reinforcement design for various walls.

“We optimized the reshoring design to minimize the equipment and labor needed to install and move it,” said Jared Thompson, president of DH Glabe & Associates. “We reviewed the plan with our client to ensure it met their needs and provided them with the most efficient means of building the structure. Our firm’s proximity to the site was also an added bonus.”

Reshoring is used to support the weight from upper floor concrete pours and transfer that load either into the lower floors or all the way to the ground. Optimizing a reshoring design can lead to extensive cost-savings especially when dealing with high-rise structures. By minimizing the number of reshoring posts and the amount of times they must be moved, contractors can save tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of a project.

“Our firm is known for our shoring & reshoring engineering expertise, and we have done work with Kiewit Building Group on other projects,” said senior engineer Zach Forster P.E., who provided the design and visited the site periodically during construction. “They are very efficient and methodical in their project approach, so it is always a welcome opportunity working with them to design a construction plan that helps minimize cost and maintain schedules.”

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