Rigging and Erection Plan Engineering

DH Glabe & Associates provides safety critical rigging plans & erection plan engineering for multiple structures including but not limited to bridges, buildings, cell towers, high-tension towers, and other miscellaneous assemblies. Our team has over thirty years of experience providing rigging and erection plans for high-profile projects throughout the country. We provide our rigging and girder erection plans per OSHA Subpart R (1926.750 – 1926.761) and other applicable state department of transportation standards. Our team also provides structural shoring engineering to temporarily support members in their partially constructed state. 

Our team of construction engineering experts develop efficient rigging plans so our clients can complete their projects in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible. We can provide engineering review and stamp of our clients critical lift design, or our engineers will work with you to develop a unique design specifically developed for your project.

Rigging and Erection Plan Engineering Consulting Services

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Rigging & Erection Plan Engineering Consultants

The first and foremost consideration of our engineers is the safety of everyone on your jobsite. The rigging and erection of any structure involves heavy equipment, often at great heights. Without a properly engineered work plan, workers are at risk for disaster. DH Glabe & Associates prides ourselves on protecting everyone working on a jobsite by providing precisely conceived plans that account for all potential hazards.

DH Glabe & Associates engineers have extensive experience with all aspects of developing critical lift and rigging plans including girder erection plans. We provide plans for the construction of new buildings and bridges, as well as the retrofit of the same structures. 

We have in-depth knowledge of all rigging equipment including mobile cranes, telescopic cranes, tower cranes, truck mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, loader cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, stacker cranes, slings, lifters, skip pans, shackles, hooks, Crosby clamps, swivels, spreader bars, beams, hoists, winches, tie-downs, lifting clamps, and much more. Our comprehensive knowledge of these products combined with our practical experience makes us the leading construction engineering expert for all construction and rigging plans.

Safety is paramount when performing lifting and rigging operations, but it is also critical to maintain budgets by developing an efficient and cost-effective plan to build the structure. DHG understands this constraint and works with our clients to choose the optimum equipment to get the job done economically.

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