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DH Glabe & Associates provides reshoring engineering and reshoring design services for all types of structural concrete applications. Our engineers also provide concrete shoring engineering for turn-key concrete shoring designs. We have extensive expertise with all reshoring components including but not limited to: post shores, shoring frames, Ellis shores, aluminum and steel beams, specialty clamps and stick built shoring. We utilize our expertise to provide reshoring design and layouts for new building construction including concrete slabs, floors, and other structural components.

Our team at DH Glabe & Associates has extensive expertise in providing reshoring engineering for all types of structures, no matter their size. From simple two-story buildings to downtown high rises, our engineers have the expertise to meet all of your concrete shoring and reshoring design needs. As the nationwide leader in construction engineering, our reshoring engineers will provide you with safe, practical and cost-effective solutions for the unique requirements of your reshoring project.


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Reshoring is installed when a structural concrete slab has not cured sufficiently to support its own weight, but has gained adequate strength to the point where the original shoring support can be removed. As buildings are constructed from the ground up, the design of the first level of re-shoring is relatively simple as all of the shores transfer the new concrete live loads directly to the ground. As construction continues to higher floors, the reshoring design becomes more complex and in most cases multiple levels of reshoring must be installed to support the newly placed concrete. It is in these cases with multiple story buildings that the importance of a precisely engineered reshoring plan becomes vital.
The value of an optimally engineered reshoring plan provided by DH Glabe & Associates is found not just in the fact that the structure is being constructed safely, but that it is being constructed in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our engineers first evaluate the structure to determine its maximum load-bearing capacity in its partially-constructed state. Utilizing this data, we determine the maximum spacing between the reshore posts and the minimum number of levels that will require reshoring. The result is that the number of reshore posts and labor hours needed to install the shoring is minimized, saving thousands of dollars over the duration of an entire project.

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