Structural Shoring Engineering

DH Glabe & Associates provides structural shoring engineering to support existing structures during construction and demolition operations. This includes the structural shoring, lifting and jacking of bridges, buildings and other miscellaneous structures. DHG shoring engineers also provide design & engineering of other shoring applications including earth shoring and concrete shoring.

It is the contractor’s responsibility to maintain the stability of the structure that is being built or demolished during construction operations. DHG structural shoring engineers work with our clients to ensure the safety of workers and the integrity of adjacent structures by providing engineered structural shoring designs. This comprises everything involved in the process including structural analysis, calculation of loads, bearing design, and engineering of the shoring and bracing equipment.

Structural Shoring Engineering Consulting Services

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Structural Shoring Engineering & Design Consulting Services

Our engineers have experience with hundreds of structural shoring applications including but not limited to building façade shoring, girder shoring & jacking, column shoring & jacking, concrete slab shoring & jacking, temporary decking, and concrete bridge deck shoring.

DHG’s team of shoring engineers provides turnkey structural shoring designs for bridge demolition, reconstruction and construction. For demolition, structural shoring typically entails towers to support girders vertically, and lateral bracing between girders or trusses to allow for rigging. Reconstruction of bridges typically involves the jacking of girders from their bearings to allow the replacement of the bearing pads, and girder stabilization to facilitate bridge deck removal. For new construction, DHG provides shoring towers to stabilize long and/or cantilevered girders prior to final splicing and concrete deck installation.

Buildings also regularly require structural shoring for support during demo, construction and renovation projects. During demolition, structures are weakened as girders, beams, joists and columns are removed. DHG provides engineering of temporary support for removed structural members to facilitate the safe removal of the supporting members. For construction, structural shoring is required to support partially constructed walls as well as structural floors to allow movement of heavy equipment. Renovation of buildings often requires partial deconstruction of the structure including walls, floors and masonry. DHG provides shoring designs to support the remaining portion of the structure including façade retention, slab shoring, and wall stabilization.

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