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DH Glabe & Associates provides consulting engineering services and design for numerous concrete shoring engineering and falsework engineering applications. This includes the design of all types of concrete shoring, reshoring, and falsework systems to temporarily support elevated structural slabs prior to concrete hardening. We also provide shoring for other construction applications including earth shoring and structural shoring.

DHG’s structural engineers have extensive expertise with concrete shoring design components including standard concrete shoring tables, post shores, 10k shoring, 25k shoring, 100k shoring, steel beams, hydraulic jacks, column mounted shoring, flying shoring systems, and stick built shoring. We work and are familiar with manufacturers of all concrete shoring equipment including but not limited to PERI, Safway, WACO, Ellis, Aluma, Doka, Layher, EFCO, Titan, Ulma, MEVA, and Dayton.

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Concrete Shoring Engineering and Design Consulting Services

At DH Glabe & Associates, we provide concrete shoring design & engineering services for all types of structures including buildings, bridges, parking structures, dams, and various other structures. With our extensive knowledge of all shoring systems and manufacturers, we help our clients by providing engineered solutions that can utilize proprietary and custom systems, or a combination of both. We pride ourselves on understanding your needs in order to provide a shoring solution that works specifically for your project – not a one-size-fits-all solution that is lacking in both practicality and cost effectiveness. This understanding is a large part of what our engineers call the DHG difference. There are few, if any situations where the utilization of one specific system can be cost-effective and practical for the construction of an entire building or bridge. At DH Glabe & Associates, we have no affiliation with any manufacturer or supplier so our goal is to simply provide you with the most economical and practical design to meet your entire project needs.

DH Glabe & Associates turn-key services include falsework engineering to complement our concrete shoring designs. Falsework is defined as any temporary construction used to support vertical loads for a structure until it becomes self-supporting. In other words, falsework is the temporary ͞mold͟ that holds a fluid material (typically concrete) in its designated shape until it hardens and can support its own weight. Our engineering consultants have comprehensive knowledge of all falsework systems and how they interact with the various concrete shoring systems on the market. This includes proprietary and job-built system design to ensure a safe job-site that is built in a cost-effective way.

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