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DH Glabe & Associates provides construction and structural engineering services throughout the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. This includes engineering for commercial, industrial, heavy civil, and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) projects. DH Glabe & Associates services all metro areas throughout the state including, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, and Flagstaff.


This mountain west state is known as one of the four corner states and home to the infamous Grand Canyon. Arizona is the sixth largest state in the U.S. The capitol city, Phoenix has developed from a city which the economy was primarily agricultural, reliant on the “5C’s” (copper, cattle, climate, cotton and citrus) to a city of over a million people and several fortune 100 companies. Phoenix is home to the Arizona State Capitol building, which was completed in 1900. This building’s design is optimized for the harsh desert climate of Arizona. Built with thick masonry walls and materials indigenous to Arizona, including malapai, granite, and the copper dome.

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Recent Arizona Projects:

Earth Shoring Engineering – Asarco Mammoth Heap Project

Marana, Arizona with Ames Construction: engineering of an earth shoring design by sloping the existing grade for stability. Work include slop stability analysis of the existing geotechnical conditions, and developing a plan to eliminate the need for driven piles.

Scaffolding Engineering – Banner University Medical Center Tucson Expansion Project

Tucson, Arizona with MKB Construction: engineering and design of an enclosed scaffold to facilitate access during construction. Work included structural analysis of the existing building for sill/cribbing design, maximizing planked work levels to not overload the existing roof, and developing a standard tie design.

Structural Shoring – Luke Air Force Base Improvement Project

Maricopa County, Arizona with the Candelaria Corporation: design of a structural shoring system to support the existing roof during construction. Work included structural analysis of the existing roof to determine loads, and design of sills to support the post shores.

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