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DH Glabe & Associates has extensive design experience dealing with all facets of falsework engineering and formwork engineering. This expertise includes consultation, design, and engineering applications for both new and existing bridges, as well as other projects. Our falsework engineers have the professional knowledge and experience needed to tackle the falsework & formwork construction on your next project, whatever it may be. From bridge overhang brackets to more complex falsework projects, our firm has the capability to handle it all. 

Our engineers specify and design the appropriate system for your falsework project using components from Aluma, Dayton Superior, PERI, Ulma, EFCO, Ellis, MEVA, RMD Kwikform, and WACO, among other manufacturers of falsework equipment. Our engineers also incorporate steel, aluminum, lumber, and other materials to design custom built falsework & formwork for any project.

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Bridge Falsework Engineering and Design Consulting Services

Falsework has various applications in structural concrete placement. It’s often used to provide temporary support for both concrete forms and the fresh concrete inside. This support is essential in ensuring a stable, safe platform during project construction. Typical falsework engineering projects involve designing supports for bridge overhangs, temporary decks, and pier caps (both precast and cast-in-place). Our engineers can design whatever type of falsework system you need in order to properly support various structures during construction. Besides concrete formwork, these structures may include existing bridges and girders (steel or precast) prior to their final placement.

We recognize that each project is unique and has its own challenges. That’s why we don’t approach a project with a ‘one system works for all projects’ mentality. We work with our clients to engineer a falsework design that meets their needs while utilizing readily available equipment. Our engineering consultants have the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to find the best solution for each client and each project. We’ll mix and match various components until we have a falsework system that works for you.

DHG’s engineers have the expertise needed for dealing with all falsework components: Aluminum beams, standard steel beams & W sections, beam clips, hangers, threaded rod, hydraulic jacks, Megashor, lumber-built shoring, column-mounted shoring, high load shoring, and post shores.

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