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As the foremost expert in scaffold engineering, design, and access consulting in the United States, DH Glabe & Associates provides engineered layouts for every type of scaffold and access platform that is used in construction and general industry today. From common scaffolding plans to custom designs, our scaffold engineers provide tailored engineering solutions to meet the specific requirements of your project or facility. We have numerous OSHA “Qualified Person” scaffold engineers and access consultants on staff who also provide on-site inspection & consultant services for all types of projects.

We combine our structural engineering expertise with our in-depth knowledge of the OSHA, Cal-OSHA, ANSI, EM385, IBC, and SSFI standards to provide clients timely engineered designs that are safe, practical, and cost-effective. From state capitols to high-rise buildings & industrial plants, our team handles the most complex scaffold engineering and accessibility challenges imaginable.


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Scaffolding Engineering & Design Consultants

Our experienced structural engineers have the capability to provide scaffold design and engineering services for supported, suspended, and mast supported scaffold systems. Applications for supported scaffold include: frame scaffold, systems scaffold, tube & clamp, rolling towers, stairways, baker scaffold, hallway scaffold, hanging scaffold, mason scaffold, plasterers scaffold and event stages. Applications for suspended scaffolding include: single point suspended scaffold, two point suspended scaffold, multi point suspended scaffold, swing stages, bosun’s chair, float scaffold, interior hung scaffold, and boatswain’s chairs. Applications for mast supported scaffolding platforms include: hoists, lifts, mast climbers and elevators.

Supported Scaffold Engineering

Frame Scaffolding is the most common type of supported scaffolding and is made up of traditional frames and braces. This type of scaffold is popular because it’s versatile and can be customized for multiple projects. Frame scaffolds can be constructed in one or two tiers, or can be stacked several stories high for use on large construction projects.

Systems scaffolds have become increasingly popular in construction engineering because they are versatile and assemble quickly.

Tube and clamp scaffolds are the most versatile type of scaffold design, but require the most skill to construct. They consists of tubes and clamps that can be built in any shape or configuration while providing the ability to place work platforms and any elevation.

Rolling towers or mobile scaffolds provide a work platform that can be readily moved to new locations as required. They are typically constructed of frame or system scaffold components.

Suspended Scaffold Engineering

A suspended scaffold is a platform supported by ropes or other non-rigid means from an overhead structure. Our engineers design suspended scaffolds for use by window washers during window cleaning operations or as facade access for other maintenance operations. There are many different types of suspended scaffolds that can be utilized on your project to safely and effectively access the work zone.

Mast supported platforms include hoists, lifts, mast climbers and elevators. DH Glabe & Associates can assist you in the engineering and design of foundations, specialty ties, and unique installations for all mast supported platforms.

No matter the type of scaffolding project, our team is here to help you take on your next challenge. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next scaffold project successful.

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