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DH Glabe & Associates provides construction and structural engineering services in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. This includes engineering for commercial, industrial, heavy civil, and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) projects. DH Glabe & Associates all metro areas throughout the state including Richmond, Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green.


Officially named the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is best known for its bourbon distilleries, horse racing, car manufacturing, bluegrass music, and tobacco farming. In the southern Louisville area, the foremost tourist attraction is Churchill Downs, a thoroughbred horse racetrack most famous for hosting the annual Kentucky Derby. The building was named after the first proprietors, John and Henri Churchill and was designed by architect Joseph Dominic Baldez. Built in 1895, its most recognizable architectural feature is the two twin spires seen on the top of the grandstands. This large building has seating for more than 150,000 people and the traditional giant hats women wear to the derbies.

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Recent Kentucky Projects:

Formwork Engineering – Main and Clay Residential Development Project

Louisville, Kentucky with MEVA Formwork Systems: engineering of one-sided wall forms. Work included design of sacrificial concrete deadman footings, and analysis of forming loads.

Scaffolding Engineering – Crescent Hill Water Treatment Facility Project

Louisville, Kentucky with Sunbelt Rentals: engineering and design of scaffolding to allow worker access to the perimeter façade of the structure during construction. Work included tie and sill design along with the scaffolding layout.

Concrete Shoring – The Omni Hotel Development Project

Louisville, Kentucky with Safway Services: engineering of a concrete shoring plan for the installation of multiple structural slabs for a high-rise hotel. Work included optimization analysis for maximum leg spacing between shoring towers, and general layout shop drawings.

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