Scaffold and Shoring Testing

DH Glabe & Associates provides comprehensive scaffolding and shoring equipment testing per the ANSI/SSFI standards. OSHA and ANSI standards state that all scaffold and shoring products used for construction or general industry in the United States must provide data that details both working and ultimate load capacities. To accommodate these requirements, we offer services for all phases of the testing process including destructive and non-destructive testing, computer modeled analysis, applicable code review, technical reports and safety manuals.

We specialize in the destructive testing of scaffolding and shoring per the ANSI/SSFI SH300-2007, ANSI/SSFI SC100-5/05, and Canadian CSA S269.2 standards. Our facility outside of Denver, Colorado services clients from across the world including but not limited to the United States, Canada, China, India and Europe.

Scaffold and Shoring Equipment Testing Engineering Consultants

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Scaffold and Shoring Equipment Testing Engineering Consultants

What sets DH Glabe & Associates apart from the competition is our ability to apply our engineering expertise to analyze scaffolding and shoring equipment as part of complete system, not just as an individual member. For example, a scaffold tube in an isolated testing environment may have the capacity to act as a suitable fall protection anchor. However, this same tube, as part of a complete scaffolding structure, may not be suitable for use as an anchor. Due to the lateral forces imposed on the scaffold by a potential fall, the entire system may not have the stability to withstand these forces. Similar principals apply for shoring components as part of a complete structural or concrete shoring system. DH Glabe & Associates utilizes our scaffolding and shoring engineering expertise to help our clients understand these external factors by providing them with turnkey analysis of how their products will perform in the real world, and not just in a testing lab.
DH Glabe & Associates not only provides our clientele with years of product analysis and testing experience, but the practical expertise to bring this data into the real-world. Whether testing a scaffold or shoring product, computer modeling analysis of forming or fall protection products, or providing support in authoring technical and safety manuals, we have the expertise to supply it all. We are capable of managing and testing products at our facilities, or we can travel to provide oversight at any facility in the country. We develop partnerships with our clients to guide them through the entire process to ensure project success and an exceptional final product.

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