Structural Engineering

DH Glabe & Associates provides structural engineering services including design, analysis, and inspections to assist in the development & construction of all types of structures.  This includes but is not limited to bridges, buildings, parking structures, dams, and individual structural members. Our structural engineers also specialize in seismic engineering for areas located within seismic zones, or government and other structures that require analysis for earthquakes. With our unique construction engineering background, DHG’s structural engineers also provide contractors with construction sequencing plans to safely and efficiently build their projects. Our team utilizes an array of advanced analysis software, and specializes in finite element analysis (FEA) for complex shapes.

DHG’s structural engineers provide turnkey structural design and engineering for commercial structures, walls, foundations, concrete beams, steel beams, davits, footings, trusses, fall protection anchors, helical piers, facade access equipment, soil nails, parking structure repairs, and piles. Our services also include earthquake analysis and structural retrofit engineering of all types of existing structures including high-rise buildings and bridges. We can provide custom design and engineering for any other unique application that may be encountered.

Structural Engineering Consulting Services

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Structural Engineering and Complex Structural Analysis Consultants

The team of structural engineers at DH Glabe & Associates has extensive experience providing engineering and design services for commercial and heavy civil structures. In addition to our engineering capabilities, we also offer construction inspection and observation services for all facets of the building process. Commercial projects include buildings, pre-fabricated steel structures, concrete tilt-up structures, bridges, parking garages and more. Additional services include helical pier design, foundation design and structural repair design. With engineers licensed in all 50 states, our team has an in-depth understanding of expansive soils and the necessary considerations that must be incorporated into a design when dealing with these conditions.

DH Glabe & Associates provides structural analysis of entire structures such as buildings, bridges, and storage tanks. Our consulting engineers can provide global analysis, or simply provide structural analysis of portions of structures such as walls, steel columns, steel beams, concrete columns, concrete beams, foundations, trusses, helical piers, joists, chords and bracing. We also provide finite element analysis for a wide array of complex structures. Types of structural analysis includes:

Deformations – structural deformations can occur through applied force or changes in weather or temperature. This is often seen in davits and fall protection anchors after years of use.

Internal Forces – internal forces on materials of a structure can determine if there will be the strength to withstand over time and through external influences such as weather and other structural consequence.

Stresses – the stresses placed on a structure such as wind in tall buildings or water on bridges piers can weaken the overall structure over time. We can determine what stresses will be imposed on a structure and how to proactively maintain it throughout its lifetime.

Support Reactions – understanding support reactions for permanent or temporary façade access equipment is vital in the design of these systems.

Stability – our structural engineers evaluate overall structural stability of the entire system as opposed to looking at only the temporary or permanent elements.

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