Expert Witness and Accident Investigation

DH Glabe & Associates provides expert witness, accident & forensic investigation services for occupational cases related to OSHA, construction accidents, and engineering deficiencies. Our experts have participated in numerous high-profile cases around the United States representing both plaintiffs and defendants. As the foremost authority in structural related construction engineering, our expert witness areas of proficiency include the following: OSHA, CalOSHA, scaffolding failures and misuse, trench safety and excavation cave-in, falling from heights (fall protection), access accidents from stairways and ladders, collapse of temporary works (formwork, falsework, shoring), and failure of existing structures including buildings, bridges & other miscellaneous assemblies.

Our expert witness and accident investigation knowledge includes expertise within the various standards that govern construction and engineering in the United States. This includes but is not limited to OSHA, Cal-OSHA, IBC, SSFI, ASCE, ANSI (including ANSI Z359), ASME (for façade access), ACI, ASSE, IWCA and more. The DH Glabe & Associates team has the capability to evaluate accidents and failures while providing valuable insights into incident causes. Our professional engineers and consultants provide litigation support and accident investigation with computer modeled analysis, destructive and non-destructive equipment testing. We utilize software such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Risa 2D, and Risa 3D to perform complex structural analysis to aid in this process.

Expert Witness Accident Investigation

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Expert Witness and Accident Investigation Consulting Services

Our team maintains broad knowledge of the various construction standards along with construction and structural engineering proficiency. Our knowledge of the OSHA standards encompasses federal and state standards including Cal-OSHA (California), WISHA (Washington State), Michigan OSHA, Massachusetts OSHA and New York OSHA to name a few. We are unique in our industry because of our practical “hands-on” field experience. We deliver reports and testimony that are not only technically sound, but also understandable in layman’s terms. Our team consists of multiple experts who are proficient in all aspects of construction and engineering. 

Our team includes members of the various standards subcommittees including ANSI, SAIA, and SSFI. We maintain national memberships including ASCE, AISC, NSPE and more. Our experts are professional engineers who are licensed all across the United States. We have full-time staffed offices in California, Utah, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and regularly travel for engineering and court cases. Contact us today for more information on our expert witness and accident investigation services.

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