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June 2017

Is Visual Inspection Still A Safe Method?

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Visual InspectionTechnology continues to change the way we both live and work. So it’s no surprise that safety and inspection tools have become sharper, more precise, and more high-tech than ever before.

Yet, though these digital advancements can prove invaluable, there is still a place for visual inspection. Not only is it still a safe method, it’s an important step in the safety validation process.
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Stresses of Thermal Loads

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A thermal load is defined as the temperature that causes the effect on buildings and structures, such as outdoor air temperature, solar radiation, underground temperature, indoor air temperature and the heat source equipment inside the building.

ASCE 7-15 section 2.3.5 and 2.4.4 specifically mention thermal and other self-straining loads are to be considered, where applicable. For many cases, thermal movements cannot be restrained and instead designs need to allow for the structure/equipment to move thermally otherwise stresses in either the restraints or in the structure/equipment may cause catastrophic failures.
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DHG Hiring A Structural Engineer

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DH Glabe & Associates is looking for a well-qualified structural engineer who is interested in becoming the newest member of our team. This position will be headquartered at our corporate office in Westminster, CO. We are specifically seeking a candidate who appreciates variety in their work as we provide services for numerous types of projects and niches within the structural engineering realm.
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