Key Personnel

Lina Sabeva, E.I. Engineer I

Lina began her professional structural engineering career in 2013. She has extensive prestressed bridge design experience ranging from single spans, to complex geometries as a part of multi-level interchanges in Texas. She is proficient in finite element analysis of steel bridges using Lusas and other various software applications. In addition to highway bridge design, she has worked on vertical structures for commercial and industrial applications. Lina has been involved in many unique projects throughout her career. This includes the design of a boat quay in Canada where she provided sizing of steel members and seismic analysis of the marine structure.

Lina received her Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a seismic and structural emphasis in 2014. For her undergraduate studies, she graduated summa cum laude from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2012. When not working, Lina enjoys hiking, skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.