DH Glabe & Associates provides fall protection engineering, design, and inspection services for multiple applications including but not limited to: horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, fall protection anchors, guardrails, fall restraint systems, and many other components & equipment. We also provide fall protection testing and certification of fall protection systems utilized for industrial & building facade access. Our services include consulting with clients to ensure their properties are compliant with the latest standards from OSHA, IBC, CalOSHA & ANSI including the latest walking working surface regulations.

Our team of fall protection engineers provides services for all clients including those working on industrial facilities, commercial buildings, bridges, or wherever a fall arrest system may be required. We are Qualified fall protection designers, and are one of the only engineering firms in the country who has the expertise to design a complete scaffolding, shoring or formwork system that can be used as fall protection anchorage per OSHA 1926.502 standards.

We have worked with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. They have been sensitive to our needs and provide the expertise that helps us to be successful in meeting out clients needs. Their engineering accuracy and prompt response is a model for industry.

Ron Camp - Atlas Sales Co

“DH Glabe and Associates provided excellent customer service and developed a practical solution for our project. The DHG team of experts acted in a quick and responsive manner to the strict deadlines given to them.”

Richard Ledezma – Jalisco International, Inc.

“DH Glabe & Associates give superior support throughout the entire project to ensure it is completed correctly. Our co-workers’ & customers’ lives depend on the scaffold designs to be safe & legal. DH Glabe designs are top-notch, giving us utmost confidence.”

Sherri Hartman – Colorado Scaffolding

“DH Glabe & Associates were very professional to work with. With effective communication from start to finish, they ensured a successful project.”

Pat Augustine – For-Shor Company

“David Glabe has been a valued instructor for the Rocky Mountain Education Center – OSHA Training Institute for 20 years. David is an outstanding master of his craft and provides our students/clients with case studies and hands-on demonstrations that are practical, insightful and right on point. It is our pleasure to have a skilled and personable instructor on our instructional staff. “

Jeannette Werner – Program Director at Rocky Mountain Educational Center

Fall Protection Engineering Consultants

As the premier fall protection consulting engineering firm in the United States, DH Glabe & Associates provides comprehensive fall protection designs that can be customized to fit your specific project needs. Whether it is through the integration of off-the-shelf fall protection equipment with custom components, or simply designing anchorage points inside an industrial plant for a horizontal lifeline; our engineers can provide a solution for any unique application. We have comprehensive knowledge of all applicable standards including but not limited to OSHA, Cal-OSHA, ANSI Z359, IWCA, ASME, and ASSE to help us provide practical and safe solutions for all Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS).

Engineered fall protection designs developed by DH Glabe & Associates provide you with many advantages on your jobsite. According to OSHA, anchorages must be capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds per employee OR shall be designed as part of a complete PFAS which maintains a safety factor of at least two. As a Qualified Designer and Professional Engineering Firm, DH Glabe & Associates utilizes our structural analysis capability to provide fall protection designs which can reduce the load an anchor must support from 5,000 pounds to a more manageable load, sometimes as little as 1,800 pounds. This reduction in capacity will provide your employees more versatility in the field, while saving you time and money on the installation of costly fall protection equipment. Having a fall protection system designed by our expert team of fall protection designers will ensure not only a safe and compliant jobsite, but one that is also cost effective for you as well. Contact us today to see how our team of fall protection experts can help you with your next project.