DH Glabe & Associates provides facade access consulting services for architects, contractors, building owners and managers across the United States. This includes providing specific OSHA and CalOSHA certification as required by the applicable standard. Facade access consulting is typically utilized to enable safe operations for window washing and building envelope maintenance activities. This includes consulting and design of all structural components of the facade systems including davit pedestals, davit bases, fall protection anchors, monorails, tie-back anchors, davit arms, trolleys and more.

Our facade access engineers provide turnkey structural design and engineering for installation on new buildings, as well as retrofit design for existing buildings. This includes providing working plans or Operating Procedures Outline Sheet (OPOS) when necessary to outline a safe use of the installed equipment, and providing consulting on the latest applicable regulations regarding walking working surfaces. All designs incorporate the latest applicable standards from OSHA, CalOSHA, IBC, ASME, IWCA and ANSI.

“We have worked with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. They have been sensitive to our needs and provide the expertise that helps us to be successful in meeting our clients needs. Their engineering accuracy and prompt response is a model for the industry.“

Ron Camp - Atlas Sales Co.

“DH Glabe & Associates were very professional to work with. With effective communication from start to finish, they ensured a successful project.”

Pat Augustine – For-Shor Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. I rely on their expertise, experience, and professionalism. They have been instrumental in A-1’s success and I look forward to working with them for years to come.“

Dwight Allenbaugh – A-1 Scaffold Mfg. Inc.

“AP Construction, Inc. is a concrete formwork sub-contractor who has been utilizing the services of DH Glabe & Associates for nearly twenty years. The services they offer are not only an asset but a necessity to the success of our business. Mr. Glabe and his staff assist us on every major project we are involved with, from start to finish. Such services consist of: shoring and re-shoring calculations; design of work platforms, scaffolds and outriggers; general and specific safety training; consultation. AP Construction cannot say enough about the knowledge and professionalism that DH Glabe & Associates has to offer.”

Michael Kroll/President – AP Construction

Facade Access Consultants

To comply with OSHA and other various regulations, many building owners and managers are being required to install new facade access and fall protection equipment on their existing buildings. As consulting engineers, our job is two-fold. The first is to provide our clients with a comprehensive and safe engineered facade access system. The second is to provide this system in the most cost-effective manner possible. Building owners and managers need to provide safe access for workers, but this does not necessarily mean that a new piece of permanent hardware must be installed on every square inch of a building. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with value-engineered solutions that deliver efficient facade access. The less cumbersome an installation, the more cost-effective it becomes while in turn reducing the risk of injury during use.

The DHG team of engineers provides owners with a turnkey design engineering package for facade access. This means that we do not stop short at simply designing the façade access equipment, we provide the full structural package that will allow the system to be installed. For new installations, this includes analysis and design of roof structural members to support the loads imposed by the installed system. For existing buildings that require retrofit, our engineers provide the following: site investigation of the existing structure, structural analysis, and design of reinforcing members. After installation, we provide load testing of the newly installed system to comply with OSHA 1910.66 standards.