DH Glabe & Associates provides demolition plan design and engineering for the deconstruction of multiple structures including but not limited to buildings and bridges. Our demolition engineers provide everything from complete demolition plan engineering, to selective and partial demolition plan design. All plans are stamped by one of our professional engineers, and exceed the requirements set forth in OSHA Subpart T (1926.850 – 1926.860) and other applicable standards.

Our consulting team of demolition engineers develop efficient procedures so our clients can complete their projects in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible. We team with clients to develop engineered demolition solutions together, or we can provide engineering review and over-stamp of client conceptual designs.

“We have worked with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. They have been sensitive to our needs and provide the expertise that helps us to be successful in meeting our clients needs. Their engineering accuracy and prompt response is a model for the industry.“

Ron Camp - Atlas Sales Co.

“DH Glabe & Associates were very professional to work with. With effective communication from start to finish, they ensured a successful project.”

Pat Augustine – For-Shor Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. I rely on their expertise, experience, and professionalism. They have been instrumental in A-1’s success and I look forward to working with them for years to come.“

Dwight Allenbaugh – A-1 Scaffold Mfg. Inc.

“DH Glabe and Associates provided excellent customer service and developed a practical solution for our project. The DHG team of experts acted in a quick and responsive manner to the strict deadlines given to them.”

Richard Ledezma – Jalisco International, Inc.

Demolition Plan Design & Engineering Consultants

During demolition of any structure, the safety and welfare of the public and workers are top priority. There are many potential hazards that can lead to serious accidents if not accounted for in the planning stages of demolition. Our engineers understand this fact and provide thorough analysis to ensure the safety of everyone during demolition procedures. Demolition often involves heavy equipment, sometimes at great heights. Without a properly engineered demolition work plan, workers are at risk for disaster. OSHA recognizes these hazards and mandates specifically in 1926.850(a) that employers must provide an “engineering survey” (i.e. demolition plan) prior to starting demolition procedures.

DHG has experience with the engineering of various demolition plans including everything from the complete demolition, to partial demolition or selective demolition of high-rise buildings and bridges across the entire United States. Coupled with our shoring engineering services, we develop comprehensive structural demolition engineering plans for all varieties of demolition projects. We have familiarity with all types of demo equipment including hydraulic breakers, high/long reach excavators, pneumatic hammers, pulverizers, grapples, shears, skid steers, processors, backhoes and mechanical thumbs. Coupled with our other construction engineering services, we can provide turnkey solutions for any unique demolition project.