DH Glabe & Associates provides bridge falsework engineering and consulting for various structural concrete placement applications on new and existing bridges. This includes the design of all types of bridge falsework systems to temporarily support concrete formwork and other structures during construction. Falsework is used to support fresh concrete and the mold it is in. Falsework is also used to support other structures such as precast girders, steel girders, and existing bridges prior to final placement.

DHG’s falsework engineers have extensive expertise designing with all falsework components including standard steel beams & W sections, aluminum beams, beam clips, threaded rod, hangers, post shores, high load shoring, Megashor, hydraulic jacks, column mounted shoring, and lumber built shoring. We design with manufacturers of all falsework equipment including but not limited to Dayton Superior, RMD Kwikform, WACO, Ellis, Aluma, EFCO, and MEVA.

“We have worked with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. They have been sensitive to our needs and provide the expertise that helps us to be successful in meeting our clients needs. Their engineering accuracy and prompt response is a model for the industry.“

Ron Camp - Atlas Sales Co.

“DH Glabe & Associates were very professional to work with. With effective communication from start to finish, they ensured a successful project.”

Pat Augustine – For-Shor Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with DH Glabe & Associates for many years. I rely on their expertise, experience, and professionalism. They have been instrumental in A-1’s success and I look forward to working with them for years to come.“

Dwight Allenbaugh – A-1 Scaffold Mfg. Inc.

“AP Construction, Inc. is a concrete formwork sub-contractor who has been utilizing the services of DH Glabe & Associates for nearly twenty years. The services they offer are not only an asset but a necessity to the success of our business. Mr. Glabe and his staff assist us on every major project we are involved with, from start to finish. Such services consist of: shoring and re-shoring calculations; design of work platforms, scaffolds and outriggers; general and specific safety training; consultation. AP Construction cannot say enough about the knowledge and professionalism that DH Glabe & Associates has to offer.”

Michael Kroll/President – AP Construction

Bridge Falsework Engineering and Design Consulting Services

Falsework engineering typically consists of designing support for bridge overhangs, cast-in-place and precast pier caps, and temporary decks. Our engineers regularly work with our clients to engineer falsework designs utilizing the equipment that is readily available to them. This includes mixing and matching various components – not just simply utilizing one falsework system or method. Our engineering consultants have comprehensive knowledge of all falsework systems and work with our clients to figure out the best solution for their project.

Contact one of our engineers today to see how DH Glabe & Associates can provide an efficient and safe falsework design for your next project.