Engineering Services


DH Glabe & Associates provides structural and construction engineering services for multiple applications of commercial, industrial, bridge, heavy highway, and special event construction. DHG is professionally licensed in all 50 states including several US territories. DHG is also professionally licensed in select provinces in Canada.

Bridge Falsework Engineering

Bridge falsework engineering and consulting for structural concrete placement applications on new and existing bridges. This includes the design of all types of systems to temporarily support concrete formwork and other structures during construction.

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Concrete Shoring Engineering

An extensive expertise with concrete shoring design components including standard concrete shoring tables, post shores, 10k, 25k or 100k shoring, steel beams, hydraulic jacks, column mounted, flying systems, and stick built shoring.

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Davit and Anchor Testing

Davit and anchor certification for building facade access in all 50 U.S. states to keep building owners and property managers in compliance with the latest OSHA, CalOSHA, ANSI, IWCA and ASME standards.

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Demolition Plan Design Engineering

From complete demolition plan engineering to selective and partial demolition plan designs for buildings and bridges. All plans are stamped and meet the minimum requirements.

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Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake engineering services for buildings, bridges, and residential homes. This includes evaluation and design of seismic retrofit plans to update structures to the most current codes.

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Earth Shoring Engineering

Ground shoring engineering services for all types of projects including building excavations, bridge excavations, cofferdams, retaining walls, and various other structures.

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Facade Access Consulting

Facade access consulting & engineering services for architects, contractors, building owners and managers. This includes all facets of the structural design such as davit pedestals, davit bases, fall protection anchors, tie-back anchors, davit arms, trolleys and more.

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Fall Protection Engineering

Fall protection engineering services for horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, roof anchor analysis, anchorage design, and custom-built fall protection designs.

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Finite Element Analysis

The finite element analysis determines the expected behavior or response of a physical object under imposed loads. It provides information that helps to understand how the object will bend, break, or perform under the imposed loads.

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Formwork Engineering

Engineering of the proprietary systems, custom designed systems, and job built systems. Specialty applications include the design of walls, elevator cores, stair cores, slabs, beams, girders, bridges, and buildings.

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Reshoring Engineering

Reshoring engineering and reshoring design services for all types of structural concrete applications. An extensive expertise offered with all kinds of reshoring components.

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Rigging and Erection Plan Engineering

Safety critical rigging & erection plan engineering services for multiple structures including but not limited to bridges, buildings, and other miscellaneous assemblies.

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Scaffolding Engineering

Tailored engineering solutions to meet the OSHA, Cal-OSHA, ANSI, EM385 and SSFI standards and requirements. Practical, safe and cost-effective engineered layouts for every type of scaffold used in construction industry today.

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Scaffold and Shoring Testing

A comprehensive scaffolding and shoring equipment testing services, including destructive and non-destructive testing, computer modeled analysis, applicable code review, technical reports and safety manuals.

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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering services to assist in the design and analysis of structures, structural members, proprietary products, and equipment. This includes structural analysis and design of buildings, bridges, tools, and much more.

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Structural Shoring Engineering

Hundreds of structural shoring applications including: building facade shoring, girder shoring & jacking, column shoring & jacking, concrete slab shoring & jacking, temporary decking, and concrete bridge deck shoring.

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Wall Bracing Engineering

Wall bracing engineering to provide temporary support during construction and demolition of buildings. This includes the bracing of foundation walls, shear walls, tilt-up concrete walls, masonry walls and retaining walls.

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