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March 2018

What is Reshoring Engineering?

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reshoring-engineeringIf you want to start a lively discussion among new engineers or contractors, ask them about the differences between shoring, reshoring, and backshoring. They all sound similar, but in reality, perform different jobs at different stages of the construction process. More importantly, the number of shores, reshores, and backshores are project-dependent. They also vary wildly according to climate and speed of construction. So, what are each of these things?

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Choosing the Correct Fall Protection System

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While the construction and engineering industry does come with a certain amount of inherent risk, contractors can be proactive about safety on projects. OSHA sets strict guidelines regarding fall protection measures because falls are commonly responsible for serious workplace-related injuries and deaths. The National Safety Council finds that falls from height are the reason for the most non-fatal days of missed work. Keeping this in mind, contractors and engineers should ensure that all employees receive regular preventative training. Additionally, when working from any height, workers should be provided with the appropriate fall protection system.

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Pop Quiz: 30 Questions About Scaffolding

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It is somewhat surprising how creative workers can get when it involves scaffolding.  Just when it seems all the questions have been answered, along comes a question that raises an issue that was never addressed.  Challenge yourself to these questions and see if your answer agrees with the one given at the end of this article.

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